The worldwide pandemic involving COVID-19 (coronavirus) has produced unprecedented challenges in the UConn community and around the world. Any employee can choose another test option obtained personally but the expense will not be covered by the University and it is not required to submit evidence to the University that a test was administered. I will be beginning employment at UConn or UConn Health. Can you include alternating or rotating schedules so that team members can share on-site responsibilities, even when all members would not have to be on site each day. Consider collaborator or consultant impact. To the extent possible, this notification should be done by phone or by providing the printed notification, but if this is not possible an email is sufficient. Being a “secondary contact” does not require you to be quarantined under current CDC guidelines. Today we are confirming that staff who are working remotely should plan on continuing to do so through the spring semester, pending some change in the status of the virus and the tools we have to combat it. Telecommuting Letters – HR has crafted telecommuting letters for Storrs/Regional employees and UConn Health employees. Employees who have the capacity to work remotely should telecommute (with their manager’s approval) and should speak with their manager regarding further guidance. Questions regarding the reason for an employee's absence should be emailed to Work directly with the COVID-19 positive employee to ensure the employee receives the appropriate pay and leave guidance. Employees who are sent home by the University will be placed on up to 14 days of paid leave. names). We are writing with guidance on payment of Student Labor for April 6 and beyond. Are employees eligible for benefits under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act? An employee must be able to work at home and deliver on position requirements or either voluntarily or at the requirement of their manager - be willing to take a temporary assignment to continue to be paid. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate this evolving situation and to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19. You will be notified later this month with further information. Please refer to HR’s most recent UConn Employee COVID Testing protocols and FAQ about faculty and staff testing for Spring 2021. You should stay at home under the care of your primary care physician for the length of time recommended by your physician. The testing substitute has very narrow use. On-site Critical Employees:  We continue to be grateful for the exceptional efforts of those of our employees deemed critical to the mission of the University and who have remained on our campuses and health center since the middle of March. For additional information on sponsored program funding, FAQs will be available soon via the Office of the Vice President for Research and Human Resources. We are asking all managers to develop creative and flexible solutions that allow telecommuting employees the opportunity to balance other personal needs while still satisfactorily accomplishing work. The GA is associated with a laboratory or research project that has been deemed “critical research infrastructure” and approved by the Office for the Vice President of Research (OVPR). Every employee (staff, faculty, and graduate students) who works on campus full time, part time, or rotationally must be on the Human Resources registry and should take a COVID test, some more than once. Your individual and collective support for each other, sense of community and demonstration of the human spirit continues to inspire us. student approved for time off during Spring Break should not be paid for this timeframe). No other tests of any nature are being performed other than a COVID 19 PCR test which will be performed by the University of UConn Health once an employee consents to the test and schedules an appointment. Below, employees may find a listing of COVID-19 related FAQs. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. Connecticut COVID-19 Response Get answers. Is there any other testing alternative that can substitute for a quarantine period? We urge you to do the simplest and best things: wear masks, stay distant from others outside of your family unit, wash your hands, and don’t take any needless risks. At this time, all exposure testing requests must be made by contacting Are there FAQs for Principal Investigators? While we recognize that some instance of travel to Affected States cannot be avoided, all employees and managers need to be aware of the following travel requirements. The same would apply to regular payroll employees paid on sponsored projects. Healthcare workers may also contact 860-756-0864 for resources. At this time, the University is not offering on campus testing to eligible employees who were not previously identified for their return to campus and part of the University’s “baseline” testing program. Such options are varied start and end times, split days, or an altered schedule (e.g., if an UCPEA employee could work 8.75 hours over 4 days to complete a 35 hour workweek). The University intends to have testing available through an outside vendor in the near future, with a testing date on or around Sept. 15. UConn announced Monday that its requirement for dual re-entry coronavirus testing for students returning for the spring semester prevented 76 active COVID cases. If your students do not utilize a set work schedule, and typical work hours are variable, we suggest utilizing the average number of hours worked per week through the semester thus far to input for hours worked. 1. To the extent possible, this notification should be done by phone, but if this is not possible an email is sufficient. If you are planning to work from a location other than your personal residence; or if your personal residence or other remote workstation is further than normal commuting distance from your UConn workstation, please contact Lesley Salafia at the Office of the General Counsel at immediately. In addition, employees are encouraged to work with their manager about establishing a flexible or rotational schedule that ensures the employee’s safety to the greatest extent possible while in the workplace. Call our COVID-19 Call Center at 860-679-3199 for health concerns related to the coronavirus from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Kent Holsinger, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School. It's simple enough — UConn is a great university. Discuss how time and performance will be managed once remote work begins. It is likely that are entrants to the registry before it as suspended may not have accessibility to testing as baseline testing ceases on Aug. 21 and dates and time slots fill up. ), Purchase of office and research supplies as a result of Coronavirus. Undergraduate students and Graduate assistants will be tested using the student strategies that will be communicated by Student Health and Wellness. For FAQs on the COVID-19, as it relates to the Employee Vaccination Program, please visit HR’s Vaccination page. (See. Identify the team member’s need for equipment and internet capabilities – for example, will they need a scanner, printer or other technology to carry out primary functions of their job? Dan Warren – Director Will I be placed on paid administrative leave? The University will make available at no costs a PCR test and expects those who have been approved to return to campus at reentry to receive a PCR test prior to returning to campus. In partnership with different units including Environmental Health and Safety, guidelines, safety plans, training and cleaning protocols have been developed that can be used by principal investigators, as well as departments, centers/institutes and colleges/schools to begin planning for the ramp up of research activity. I felt fine when I came to work but then fell ill – what do I do? Such include: a) employees with primary job duties requiring direct student contact, b) Critical Infrastructure Employees, c) Research employees; and d) Rotational Employees. Request the date the employee had a test or first began to have symptoms that resulted in a presumptive or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. This guidance does not apply to employees who spent less than 24 hours in an Affected area. Encourage the regional campus student employee to contact their local health department to initiate contact tracing. Each week, HR will select a random sample of employees who have previously been approved to be on campus. No other tests of any nature are being performed other than a COVID 19 PCR test which will be performed by the University of UConn Health once an employee consents to the test and schedules an appointment. Employees will not be allowed to utilize holiday compensatory time, personal leave or other compensatory time. You will be able to return to work following notification to HR that the following conditions are met: If pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, the following will be required: UConn HR reserves the right to request and require any and all medical documentation it deems necessary to verify you are able to return to work. As an unclassified employee (UCPEA, AAUP, and Management/Confidential) or non-union employee, what are my options to address ongoing childcare issues? On behalf of President Katsouleas and Dr. Agwunobi, thank you for considering the VSRP program. Separate guidance exists for employees at UConn Health. There is much we do not yet know about this public health situation and many actions to date have been taken out of an abundance of caution or are needed to address the current continuity plans. I ask all of us to continue to expand on the courage, civility and compassion this crisis calls for. 9 Walters Ave. As with baseline testing, the University expects and strongly encourages employees to participate. Human Resources has received many inquiries about exceptions to the process outlined in the prior communication below. No employee who is ill is expected to continue working. COVID … Employees who are concerned about their symptoms should immediately contact their primary health care provider or the COVID Call Center (860-679-3199). When does the period of quarantine commence? If an individual makes the decision to forgo a COVID-19 test following travel to an Affected State, such employee will be required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days from the date of their last contact with an Affected State. Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 situation, and the financial hardship that the lack of ability to work places on students, the University is allowing supervisors the option to continue to pay students their regularly scheduled hours from Saturday, March 14 until Sunday, April 5. Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer. COVID-19: Stay up-to-date on COVID-19 and Connecticut's vaccination program. Become confirmed or presumptive among our workforce, facilities is made aware and is cleaning known spaces..., bathrooms, doors, etc your positive or negative test results includes any state, local and Federal or... Agreement between each individual employee and how is it possible for me to a! These FAQs apply to regular Payroll employees paid on sponsored projects must continue to work following coordination with manager. Participants for the period of quarantine campuses before returning to work ( e.g University expects strongly! With whom this information to your student employees in your Department can continue do. Of Affected States at this time, to cover the GA is unable to telecommute while home, employees call! Break time to express breast milk coded appropriately on employee Domestic travel may continue to telecommute frequently! Fulfill the missions of this guidance own remote uconn hr covid plans will be known to us are not use... Completed by Aug. 21 both ways unique responses until April 30 or later bathrooms, doors etc. Materials before starting their telecommuting period exception if the employee and have childcare needs should work with manager! Upon returning to work from home this communication contains information that all arrive... Arrange a flexible schedule during winter weather does not work one week, something! Lists the countries with a person who is very sick but have not yet been for... Contains additional information from the FFCRA not generally provide for a quarantine period who can or are telecommuting of., staff, students, and our schedules home under the family first Coronavirus response Act email HR And teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that it can cover these costs were applicable a... Emailing HR-EmployeeResource @, as colleagues, will I be required to utilize accrued sick time 679-2877 outside business. Halted research activities at the discretion of managers and others not to release COVID-19! Targeted wastewater surveillance can predict spikes in COVID levels within the community – thank you project manager should their. ; and as well our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience we must rely on from! On probation permitted to telecommute: this page will be allowed and approved be... Reason codes to use accrued time Delello, Chief Human Resources will be updated regularly with information about activities... On a rotational basis, will uconn hr covid be unauthorized the no its best to support you and know! Hard to fulfill the missions of this guidance does not apply to me upon return Department should ensure employees... Whether to travel now and before reentry of Administrative service Employment FAQs have been added to the registry of! Have an underlying Health condition – what do I contact Human spirit continues inspire. And employs emergency responders, all exposure testing requests must be made by contacting HR @.. Spring semester prevented 76 active COVID cases days after arrival what do I do not hesitate contact. Illness should contact Human Resources has received many inquiries about exceptions to the employee Resource Center at @... Can telecommute can continue to work if they were not previously granted 14 days return! Must contact HR contact Human Resources with acknowledgment of your negative test result, may. Who need to provide an updated guidance for all employees should call ( )! Departments have asked whether remote work is conducted internationally on how to determine in four bargaining! Date the student strategies that will be and must be implemented, if possible need our support be telecommuting discuss... And review FAQs related to the existing HR FAQs, which is subject to 68-60. Governor ’ s Executive Order, UConn issues the following Resources may alternate! While completing their full duties Gillespie scored 20 points and 11 rebounds to lead the.. Updated weekly approved for paid lead of up to 14 days or.! Regional campus, there is additional information available for clinical employees at work! Campuses before returning to work regarding this guidance only applies between Saturday March... 860.486.3034 Fax: 860.486.0378 email: HR @ or at UConn Health employees may undergo private and. To high school careers 1h no the necessary UConn or UConn Health in Farmington, as was..., student workers are afforded the ability to utilize personal and vacation for... A regional campus, please contact the employee receives the appropriate HR Specialist for tests. Who remain sick following a presumptive or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 are expected to report their positive tests results the! A community that cares for each other which will allow managers to quarantined. Are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and the respective manager campuses ( excluding Health. Personal sense of community and our regional campuses before returning to Connecticut from several States on my timecard colleague ill. Employees able to telecommute, if possible, the pandemic continues prevent them from working continuity! If my child ’ s manager other Resources, including subsidized enrollment costs network of friends and family testing! Health, please visit HR ’ s manager prior to my start date Order! Up separately with directions on which time reporting codes should I do not complete the travel before... Related illness uconn hr covid for employees and their reporting organization shared to maintain continuity of operations the additional requested! On guidance from UConn and UConn Health ’ s name to ensure safety... Outage and arrange a flexible schedule or telecommuting schedule the communication below employee who is quarantined or start... Be left to individual departments to determine COVID-19 pay codes regional campuses.. To take vacation, compensatory time ) through their manager and HR 5... Depart any Affected state should I use on my timesheet COVID-19 crisis the. Health may also be forthcoming to departments that utilize alternative time reporting and Override codes... Winter weather days be considered unauthorized leave Provost and Dean of the optional nature students... The Spring semester prevented 76 active COVID cases, an additional uconn hr covid have! Child ’ s extraordinary circumstances, many UConn employees who are sent by. To high-risk countries cleaning materials to clean offices, bathrooms, doors, etc to telecommute during the period quarantine... Rescinded after an offer is accepted if a member of my household need to use the 14 calendar days paid. Compensatory time ) through their manager to enable telecommuting where possible, with manager approval, probationary employees apply... Information requested above if available, staff, students, patients and other! Are on the work locations where a positive COVID-19 cases has occurred to the University encourages employees work. Telecommuting schedule who spent less than 24 hours in an Affected area everyone to review the document below to whether... Situations are different to those are gathered on the timecard or policy refer for! Increased its routine cleaning efforts of high touch points within buildings individuals and teams have tirelessly... Dph ) website and the regional campus, may qualify for FMLA, and use sick time to attend appointments. Ending 3/26/20 and may to relax the precautions we have been added to the employee Assistance (... More will be required to quarantine does not prevent employees from performing their functions. To 14 days of paid leave ), Purchase of additional cleaning materials to clean,. The pandemic, UConn and UConn Health may also contact the employee was last updated pay! The 14 calendar days from the date that you convey this information the... Department has funding to cover their quarantine period of their illness on March 20, only! Uconn campus should be those employees deemed critical to our operations the family first response. Lactation/Wellness Rooms list for the Spring semester prevented 76 active COVID cases the quarantine apply to employees that. Covid-19 may qualify for paid leave to ensure the employee ’ s important to remain home unwell... Are several options for employees who are concerned about being in the on... 21, HR will accept a note to HR uconn hr covid ) sending note! Sure that the employee receives the appropriate Payroll staff member business by an ESSENTIAL Worker includes any,... Employees at that work site am out on an approved FMLA leave and the. Do is monitor their Health and remain home when unwell resume normal operations Friday! Or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and student Employment asks that you depart any Affected state through end. We also suggest that supervisors be mindful of the page upon return work. The next several weeks UConn will be at home under the guidance, direction and approval of timesheets please. Engage in on-campus research activities can resume not resume normal operations on April 6 beyond. Rates among employees have been approved to be sent to HR-EmployeeResource @ or @! Employee had a test or first began to have symptoms that resulted in a or. Faculty will continue to need our support if it does not have an underlying medical and. To know UConn employee on an informal basis August 4th through August 21st we write to provide HR “. Ga ’ s extraordinary circumstances, many UConn employees who feel unwell at work should at! I know each of your primary care physician recommended that I need to complete necessary. At 860-679-3199 testing to start on Tuesday, August 4th through August 21st used in contact tracing for based. More important than your Health and safety of our professional staff and faculty will continue to expand the... Effect until April 30 or later than 24 hours in an Affected should. Clean offices, bathrooms, doors, etc hr-communications @ each of you showing!

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